Power Plant Solution


Defect Management System


Defect Management system assist users in booking a defect of any electrical/mechanical component. It also keeps track of component downtime along with generating Permit To Work (PTW). PTW may be generated with or without isolation of the component. The application also generates various monthly and yearly MIS.


Order and Bill Management System 


Order and Bill Management System (OBMS) provides user a platform to generate order and bill associated with that order. First it assists users in creating Note For Approval (NFA) and then creates an Order with reference to that NFA. Newly generated orders run through a dynamic approval hierarchy depending on the order value. Once Order is approved user generates Bill against that order. Once the Bill is prepared then it is released and sent to finance. The application also hase an integrated vendor module and can generate various MIS.


Budget Monitoring System


Budget Monitoring System enables user in allocation and monitoring of budgets at Plant, Department, Budget Head and Cost Centre level. It’s an invaluable application to help prioritize spending and management of funds. Budget monitoring will help in identifying various expenditures, adapt quickly as financial situation changes and achieve financial goals.


MIS for DCS and Planning Data


This is an application which helps users in setting and tracking yearly power generation target of power plants, daily run time of generation stations, daily power generation from various units, daily coal and fuel burnt, daily ash generation, stock of fuels along with various MTD and YTD reports.


Coal Management System


Coal management system is a dedicated application to manage the usage of coal in power plants. The application keeps track of Rail Racks that bring coal to the plant. It keep track of loading weight of container, unloading weight of container, weight of coal, shortage etc. The application also keeps track of quality of coal by means of percentage of carbon, percentage of ash, moisture etc. It also prepares record for rack history, rack tracking, container management as well as creates various MIS.


Capex Proposal System


Capex Proposal System allows users to create and submit capital expenditures requests, have them reviewed, commented and approved or denied through the power plant hierarchy. Once proposal is approved a Scheme is created and in accordance with target capital in that scheme an order is generated. CAPEX Proposal also generates various needed MIS.


Environmental Parameter Monitoring


Environmental Monitoring System monitors presence of various pollutant particles in a power plant’s emission, forwards SPM monitoring reports to the CPCB and generates various required MIS reports.

Various parameters that are measured include Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM), SOX, NOX and MW. The application also produces daily summery, Data Exclusion, SPM Escalation Duration, etc.


Log Modules


The Log Module keeps track of various departmental log parameters generated from power plant on a daily shift and unit wise basis. The various log module parameters are SCE, MMD, DM Plant, Energy Meter, E&I, IMD, FHP etc. Various MIS are generated on log data.


Ash Management System


Ash Management System assists users in managing various type of ash (DASH, BASH, FASH, RASH etc.) that is generated as well as the quality and quantity of ash generated. Ash Management System also keeps track of ash weight, enables user to edit ash data as well as perform monthly ash wise adjustment. The system also produces ash utilization reports, generates bill and financial year wise bill summery. The system is equipped with integrated vendor module and vehicle management system.


ROTA Management System


ROTA Management System is an application which creates and manages the shift rotation, weekly off scheduling of power generating stations engineers. The application also generates various MIS needed by the authorities.


GatePass Management System


GatePass Management System is an application to generate gate pass for visitors and vehicles entering a plant. Two types of Visitor gate passes are generated – one for visitors with a validity of the current day and Contractor Gate pass with multiple day’s validity. The application notifies if a visitor’s gate pass validity is over. For vehicle gate passes, vehicle details along with driver’s details ares collected and stored. The application also generates various daily and monthly MIS as required.


Turbine Alignment System


Turbine Alignment System is an application that assists in aligning turbines blades and shafts in a thermal power plant. The system calculates Axial & Radial mis-alignments, correction and primary effects on radial misalignment, distance between bearing and the coupling.


Document Management System


Document management system (DMS) suite drives comprehensive life-cycle management of enterprise content through its Document Management System (DMS). It enables users to create, capture, manage, distribute, and archive different forms of content. The Document Management Software offers a scalable, unified repository for securely storing content.


Innovation Portal


Innovation Portal is a unique platform open to every user hierarchy level to stage innovative ideas or measures that can enhance overall performance or operation of a power plant. In this platform user can post ideas or suggestion to improvise any operation or entity. Other users can like it or dislike it, post comment on it in order to show loopholes in it or to enhance the idea further. Once that idea seams worthy of implementation, it goes through an approval chain and thereafter implemented.




E-Prognya is a dedicated Knowledge Portal) of CESC Ltd. It is a highly integrative knowledge management system that promises to synthesize widely dispersed knowledge and interconnect individuals to provide a ‘one–stop knowledge shop’. User can post article, comment on post, upload video, picture, presentations and join forums for discussion. Articles, discussions are categorized. User posts are made public once the admin approves the post or comment.


Payroll Management System


Payroll Management System is an application meant to access employee’s basic information, attendance, absence and leave and then process payroll. Different type of leave such as PL, SL, CL, APL, ASL, etc., is calculated. It also takes into account Over Time. The system processes payroll on a monthly basis considering leave calculation, absence and attendance and over time. It also assists in induction of new and retirement of existing employees. Payroll also generates various payroll process related MIS.